Lawyer Directory Pricing Packages


Welcome to our lawyer Qatar directory pricing page. We offer a range of packages designed to help law firms in Qatar enhance their visibility and connect with potential clients. Choose the package that best suits your needs and let your practice stand out in the competitive legal landscape.

Basic Listing Package

Price: Free / Entry Level

Our Basic Listing Package is perfect for new or small law firms looking to establish their presence. This package includes essential features to get you started:

  • Business Name and Contact Information: Display your law firm’s name, address, phone number, and email.
  • Category and Specialization Tags: Highlight up to 3 areas of legal specialization.
  • Profile Picture: Upload a profile picture or logo.
  • Basic Search Visibility: Appear in the directory’s search results.
  • Client Reviews and Ratings: Collect feedback and ratings from clients.
  • Direct Contact Form: Allow potential clients to reach out directly through a contact form.

Premium Listing Package

Price: Moderate Fee

Upgrade to our Premium Listing Package for enhanced visibility and additional features that attract more clients:

  • Enhanced Business Profile: Includes all Basic Listing features plus extended contact details.
  • Profile Picture and Gallery: Upload multiple photos of your office and team.
  • Detailed Description: Provide a comprehensive description of your services.
  • Priority Search Visibility: Higher ranking in search results.
  • Website and Social Media Links: Add links to your website and social media profiles.
  • Lead Generation Tools: Advanced contact forms and client lead management.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Monitor listing performance with basic analytics.

Elite Listing Package

Price: Higher Fee / Subscription Model

For maximum exposure and advanced features, choose our Elite Listing Package. Perfect for established law firms aiming for top-tier visibility:

  • Comprehensive Business Profile: Includes all Premium Listing features.
  • Featured Listing Badge: Highlighted as a featured law firm on the directory homepage and search results.
  • Unlimited Specialization Tags: List unlimited areas of legal expertise.
  • Video Introduction: Upload a professional video introduction about your law firm.
  • Blog and Article Posting: Publish articles and blog posts to showcase your expertise.
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard: Detailed insights into listing performance.
  • Client Appointment Scheduler: Integrated tool for clients to book consultations directly.
  • Dedicated Support: Priority customer support and listing optimization assistance.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Inclusion in directory’s promotional campaigns, newsletters, and social media shout-outs.

Why List with Us?

By choosing to list with our lawyer Qatar directory, you are investing in increased visibility and client engagement. Our packages are designed to cater to various needs, ensuring that every law firm, whether just starting or well-established, can benefit from our platform.

Take advantage of our directory’s powerful features and let clients find you easily. Explore our packages and select the one that aligns with your goals. Join the best directory for lawyers in Qatar today!

For more information or to get started, contact us now and let us help you elevate your legal practice.